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Music-Go-Rounds™ engage the senses and activate multiple areas of the brain, enhancing neural connections, cognition and memory. Our colorful manipulatives appeal to all learning types

The best manipulatives to hit the classroom in years. Made of durable food-grade silicone, Music-Go-Rounds™ will stick to whiteboards, Smart boards, windows, laminate, and any smooth surface. They are highly visible in a classroom setting when used on a whiteboard, and can also be used by individuals or small groups. More durable and flexible than magnets, they can be used for many years, will never fade, break or lose their "stick."

Cleans easily with soap and water, or any all-purpose cleaner.

Music-Go-Rounds (TM) Silicone Manipulatives


Music-Go-Rounds (TM)

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Dynamics / Tempo

Dynamics / Tempo Spinner
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Music-Go-Rounds: Dynamics

Music-Go-Rounds: Tempo

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