Music in Motion, Inc. was founded in 1976 by music educator, author and clinician Mary Ann Stewart.  During the time Mary Ann was teaching, there were very few teaching tools available, so she began to create her own flashcards, movement games, and giant floor mats to help her young students learn the fundamentals. The name "Music in Motion" came from her belief that children learn music best through physical movement. Her preschool-aged students would take turns jumping up and down the giant floor staff she created, experiencing high and low, skips and steps. In fact, many of our movement and activity mats and kits are still available today, 45 years later!

Music in Motion is a leader in music education, equipping tens of thousands of schools throughout the U.S. and abroad with an extensive variety of music education resources. We are creators of many iconic teaching tools used in music classrooms throughout the world. Walk into any elementary music classroom today, and you're likely to find some of our activity kits, Music-Go-Rounds silicone manipulatives, and other items developed by Mary Ann Stewart. Our posters, many of which were designed by Mary Ann's daughter, designer and CEO Amy Stewart, adorn the walls of music rooms around the country.

In addition to classroom materials developed by Mary Ann Stewart, Music in Motion also offers a vast selection of curricular materials from other pre-eminent music educators and authors, as well as everything else required to equip a music classroom-- instruments, games, books, audios, videos, manipulatives, movement and dance resources, software, posters, teaching aids, musicals, performance accessories, incentives, awards, whiteboard and smartboard materials, and more.

Music in Motion has been serving public school systems since our inception in 1976. We are known throughout the industry for our unique product mix, curated and sourced from hundreds of vendors from around the world.

Music in Motion team

Music in Motion team, TMEA 2020


Mary Ann StewartMary Ann Stewart, Founder

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