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Music-Go-Rounds MINIs fit our Whiteboard, Double Staff Wall Chart, and Wipe-off Charts so more students can participate at the same time.

  • Let students place hearts on a chart as they determine the stressed/unstressed beats in various meter compositions, like Elephant from Carnival of the Animals.
  • Put 2 measures of 4/4 rhythm on the whiteboard with large Stick Rhythms and let the children copy them with minis on a Wipe-off Chart.  Add the hearts for stress/unstress beats.
  • Notate and clap 3 different 4/4 measures. Clap one and let the children use minis to notate it on their charts.
  • Add Hearts and Rhythms to listening activities.  
  • Dream it up and do it interactively with manipulatives. 

MGR MINI Stick Rhythms & Hearts Set has enough pieces for 4 students! 32 hearts, 40 rhythms, 16 numbers and 8 write-on blanks for writing time signatures, dynamics, symbols, or additional rhythms. Cut silicone strips along guidelines into 96 pieces. 1¼". With PDF Activity Guide, download below.
Set of 96 individual pieces. 

Additional Info

Download PDF Activity Guide:


  • Highly visible silicone strips, cut along guidelines into individual pieces.
  • Cling to whiteboard, laminate, or any smooth surface.
  • Super durable, non-fading. Soft, flexible, washable food-grade silicone.
  • Clean back with all-purpose cleaner until shiny.
  • Are fun, fast, and interactive in the true sense!
  • Will be your new classroom favorites!
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