Music Spinner RHYTHMS

Item No: 28096


2-Sided Classroom-sized Rhythms Spinner

  • Spin, then identify note(s)/rest by name and value.
  • Play games with Music-Go-Rounds, placing them on the whiteboard to create measures in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4.
  • Spin to choose a rhythm to begin a groove or a short composition. Then another student spins to choose another rhythm.  
  • Spin, start a steady beat, and student performs that rhythm for 4 beats, then all perform it together. Another spins and performs the rhythm, all perform, then perform both in sequence.  
  • Use MGR Rhythms to place the same rhythm as was spun on the whiteboard or wall chart. 
  • Imagination is the guide once you start spinning!

Spinners are reversible: simply unsnap the arrow and flip it to the other side. Laminated, 11" x 11", with downloadable Activity Guides, below.

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