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Set of Levels 1-5 Listening Resource Kits by Denise Gagne.

Music is an aural art. Development of listening skills is essential for a child to be successful in any subject-but crucial for musicianship.

These graded listening kits by Denise Gagne provide an age-appropriate tool toward this end.

Each reproducible text provides the basic program—listening logs, response journal, instrument worksheets, composer bios with worksheets. Levels 4 & 5 include a timeline to clarify the music period within history. A complete set of classroom activities for the short listening examples on audio makes this a one-stop shop. Includes intercom listening scripts and musical selections to implement an innovative total school program, providing a daily exposure to classical music and an active listening experience in about 3 minutes a day.

Each kit consists of a reproducible book and audio of the listening selections. Usable with or without a musical background.
All levels includes access to Digital Downloads. 

What's included:

  • Level 1 (7142) - Gr. K- 1, includes picture worksheets, games and activities, simple questions about the composer bios given, play-along selections for rhythm instruments, basic concepts (loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low) and introduction to the instruments. Carnival of the Animals and Peter and the Wolf are two major listening components.
  • Level 2 (7143) - Gr. 2, covers all the major music periods; makes excellent use of rhythm instruments; uses cup games (playing them, tapping them, passing them, etc.); introduces the instruments; form (ABA, AABB, rondo); and concepts (loud/soft, long/short, staccato/legato, fast/slow and high/low). The musical selections are short and focused and short biographies are provided for Handel, Schumann, Brahms, Vivaldi, Bach, Grieg and Mozart.
  • Level 3 (7144) - Gr. 3, covers all the periods of music, gives rhythm instrument play-along hints, suggests cup games (tapping, passing, etc.), introduces instruments and their families, demonstrates ABA, AABB, Rondo, and Theme & Variations forms, teaches fast/slow, loud/soft, melodic direction, phrasing, and staccato/legato concepts. There are also worksheets, maps and rhythm scores. Major composers include: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Johann Strauss Jr. and more.
  • Level 4 (7145) - Gr. 4, offers selections from all periods of music, continues to explore ABA, Rondo, and Theme & Variations forms, reinforces fast/slow and loud/soft concepts, introduces eighth-quarter-eighth rhythm and 3/4 time conducting, identifies the instruments and has some rhythm instrument play-alongs and cup games. Also incorporates recorder themes and singing selections. The worksheets ask thoughtful questions ( i.e. "What is nationalism?"), and go into more detail about the periods and composers.
  • Level 5 (7146) - Gr. 5, covers all the musical periods and their main composers, but delves more deeply into form, dynamics and tempo, and requires closer listening to identify the instruments. Games, recorder and percussion themes and singing selections are more challenging. As an aside, the intercom listening scripts are written at this reading level, so perhaps your students could read the texts as part of a project.


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