LISTENING RESOURCE KIT Level 5 Paperback/Digital Download

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Music is an aural art. Development of listening skills is essential for a child to be successful in any subject-but crucial for musicianship.

This graded listening kit by Denise Gagne provides an age-appropriate tool toward this end.

This basic program provides:

  • listening logs, response journal starter, instrument worksheets, composer bios with worksheets.
  • A complete set of classroom activities for the short listening audio examples.
  • A full set of non-directed intercom listening scripts to implement a total school program, but these could also be used in the music classroom as a daily listening exercise.
  • Correlates with Music play by Denise Gagne and additional reference to the Composers Specials videos is a bonus.
  • Each kit consists of a reproducible book and audio of the listening selections.

Level 5 Kit covers all the musical periods and their main composers, but delves more deeply into form, dynamics and tempo, and requires closer listening to identify the instruments. Games, recorder and percussion themes and singing selections are more challenging.
As an aside, the intercom listening scripts are written at this reading level, so perhaps your students could read the texts as part of a project.
Composer's Specials Videos for Grade 5 are Rossini's Ghost and Bizet's Dream.

A terrific resource for the music specialist or beginning music teacher. Cross-references listening examples by form, time period, instruments and concepts.

Paperback with Digital Download (Digital Book PDF and Audio MP3s)

Additional Info

Level 5: (Grade 5) includes 26 selections from:

  • Vivaldi
  • Beethoven
  • Grieg
  • Mozart
  • Scott Joplin
  • Schubert
  • MacDowell
  • Tchaikovsky

Listen to Samples:

NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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