LISTENING RESOURCE KIT Level 4 Paperback/Digital Download

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Music is an aural art. Development of listening skills is essential for a child to be successful in any subject-but crucial for musicianship.

This listening kit by Denise Gagne provides an age-appropriate tool toward this end.

This basic program provides:

  • listening logs, response journal starter, instrument worksheets, composer bios with worksheets.
  • A complete set of classroom activities for the short listening examples on audio.
  • A full set of non-directed intercom listening scripts to implement a total school program, but these could also be used in the music classroom as a daily listening exercise.
  • Correlates with Music play by Denise Gagne and additional reference to the Composers Specials videos is a bonus.
  • Each kit consists of a reproducible book and audio of the listening selections.

Level 4 Kit offers selections from all periods of music, continues to explore ABA, Rondo, and Theme & Variations forms, reinforces fast/slow and loud/soft concepts, introduces eighth-quarter-eighth rhythm and 3/4 time conducting, identifies the instruments and has some rhythm instrument play-alongs and cup games.
Also incorporates recorder themes and singing selections. The worksheets ask thoughtful questions ( i.e. "What is nationalism?"), and go into more detail about the periods and composers.
Composer's Special videos for Level 4 are Handel's Last Chance and Liszt's Rhapsody.

A terrific resource for the music specialist or beginning music teacher. Cross-references listening examples by form, time period, instruments and concepts.

Paperback with Digital Download (Digital Book PDF and Audio MP3s)

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