MUSICPLAY Kindergarten



Denise Gagne's award-winning music curriculum offers separate digital resources for Smartboard and other interactive white boards or for computer and projector.

Introduce musical concepts through songs and games in sequential lessons that follow the calendar year. Weekly Lessons present singing games to reinforce new concepts, introduce world cultures, and provide special holiday and other performance songs.

These kits are valuable to classroom teachers and music specialists alike, and work well with any methodology, including Orff and Kodaly. MusicPlay also includes cross-curricular connections to language arts, math, social studies, science, basic skills, health, and social skills. It meets all state and national standards for grade level skills, scope, sequence and assessments.

Choose from these options:

  • Teacher's Guide (6100) 
    Month outlines, weekly lesson plans, curriculum connections, and 175 songs (each with a vocal/performance mp3 and an accompaniment mp3) with suggested teaching activities and assessments plus Primary Dances and Singing Games Book & CD (6037). Music listening and performance audio MP3s make concepts and songs easy to teach in a way that appeals to both visual and aural learners, with increased focus from all.
  • Digital Resources (7474) 
    A collection of digital resources, including videos, PowerPoints, and mp3s, to save on your computer.
  • SAVE with the Set of Both: Teacher's Guide & Digital Resources (7484)
  • Big Music Book (6155) 
    for Students illustrates the core concepts of the Musicplay for Kindergarten curriculum by Denise Gagne in large, class-sized format. Cute visuals provided in an economical format. Includes "Suggestions for Using this Book." 11" x 17" Spiralbound Paperback
  • Reproducbile Story Books (6119) 
    are mini storybooks of 15 of the songs from Musicplay for Kindergarten to make and send home.
  • Piano Accompaniments (6071) 
    includes all the songs here with simple piano accompaniments by several different contributors. Children love to see and hear the piano played, and it is important to offer a real-time experience instead of always following a recording.

Additional Info


I have MusicplayOnline – what’s the difference?

The printed materials included in the teacher guide are accessible across MusicplayOnline, but they are spread across the website rather than in one single location. Having the printed teacher’s guide saves you assembly time and the printing costs of assembling your own teacher’s guide.

On MusicplayOnline you do have access to download the song accompaniment mp3s. However, MusicplayOnline does not allow you to download song vocal mp3s. Gain instant access to downloadable song vocal mp3s and classical listening excerpt mp3s with this teacher’s guide, perfect for offline situations such as gym performances or unexpected internet disruptions.

Finally, the world has moved to the internet but that doesn’t mean you have to. If you prefer using a printed program with audio mp3s or don’t have the internet signal to support teaching from a website, this printed teacher’s guide is for you.


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