Denise Gagne's award-winning music curriculum introduces musical concepts and world cultures through songs and games and activities in sequential lessons that follow the calendar year. It has a wide-ranging repertoire of classical, folk and children's recordings, as well as units on instruments, composers, recorder, ukulele, guitar and more. These kits are valuable to classroom teachers and music specialists alike, and work well with any methodology, including Orff and Kodaly.

MusicPlay also includes cross-curricular connections to science, social studies, literature and language arts.  It meets all state and national standards for grade level skills, scope, sequence and assessments. 

Choose from these options:

  • Teacher's Guide (6197)
    includes the lessons, plans, and songs and 4 full-length CDs with listening selections and performance/accomp. tracks for the songs and games plus History of Jazz (7243). The flexible WhiteBoard formats and music listening and performance CDs make concepts and songs easy to teach in a way that appeals to both visual and aural learners, with increased focus from all. 
  • Digital Resources (7439) 
    includes every musical selection via PowerPoint with audio, QuickTime movies of the song lyrics and Smartboard Files (audio is inserted into the one slide lyrics)
  • SAVE with the Set of Both: Teacher's Guide/CDs & Digital Resources (7483) 

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