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With the NINO® Classroom Cajon, 8 individual snare cajons are fused together into one for the ultimate drum circle experience. Up to 8 children can play it sitting on the floor, and the sound ports face the center to allow full resonance. Cajon store easily on its side. Made of birch, 34" diameter. 

Optional Wooden Stand raises the cajon to sitting or standing height. Foam padded corner edges prevent damage.

Each cajon has a different color to match Boomwhackers, Resonators, Chroma-Notes Hand Chimes, and Bells should you wish to add melody instruments to your colorful improv ensemble. Up the challenge by laying Music-Go-Rounds: RHYTHM Dots on the drums to turn it into a rhythm reading circle!

Choose from these options:

  • Standard Classroom Cajon $499 : (26057) 
  • Standard Classroom Cajon with Wooden Stand $629 : (99509)
  • Wooden Stand only $149.99: (26085) for Standard Classroom Cajon

The NINO® Deluxe Classroom Cajon is actually 8 separate cajons with a wooden baseplate to hold them tightly in a circular shape. Simple remove them individually to play in other formations. They stack for easy storage, too. 36". 

  • Deluxe Classroom Cajon $699.99 : (26083)
  • Deluxe Classroom Cajon with Wooden Stand $829 : (99524)
  • Wooden Stand only $149.99 : (26084) for Deluxe Classroom Cajon

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