Students will love this desk-set version of the popular Handbells! While easier to play solo pieces on them than it is with Handbells (because the hand taps lightly and can move more quickly and fluidly from one bell to another), these desk bells also lend themselves to the usual ensemble playing and are ideal for performers of limited mobility.

The 3½" metal bells matches Chroma-Notes/ Boomwhackers coordinating instruments and are easy to play with one or both hands, have a pleasant tone and accurate pitch, with each bell identified by note and number on the top. Color and number-coded song sheet included. Not recommended for children under 3

Choose from these options:

Choose from Bell Sets below, with or without handy zippered nylon case with padded compartments to keep the bells protected. Cases also available separately. 


C major scale (range: C4 - C5)

  • 8-Note Deskbells Set (2912)
  • 8-Note Deskbells Set with Case (3014)
  • Case only (2949) for 8-Note Deskbells
  • 5-Note Add-ons (2913) 5 chromatic bells between middle C and high C  (range: C4# - A4#)
  • 7-Note Expansion (2946) 7 extra bells. 3 half steps below middle C, and 4 half steps above high C (range: A3-B3, C5# - E5)

C-major scale plus 5 chromatic notes:
C-c range: C#, D#, G#, F#, A# (range: C4 - C5)

  • 13-Note Deskbells Set (2914)
  • 13-Note Deskbells Set with Case (3012)
  • Case only (2998) for 13-Note Deskbells

C-chromatic plus low A, B-flat, B and high C#, D, D#, E (range: A3 - E5)

  • 20-Note Deskbells Set (9850)
  • 20-Note Deskbells Set with Case (3013)
  • Case only (2999) for 20-Note Deskbells
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