These durable, lightweight plastic tubes are perfectly tuned to different musical notes, which are clearly marked. Whack almost anything, like a table, a chair, the floor, your leg, the side of your shoe...whatever! Different surfaces produce different "timbres", but always the same musical pitch. Play a tune, tap out rhythmic patterns or ostinato accompaniment, or play along with other instruments.

They're always in tune! Whack the tubes together and -boom- you have an interval or a chord! What a "tubular" (very cool) way to explore pitch, rhythm, melody, timbre, harmony, acoustics, and dynamics-just like they do in STOMP!

Select from these set options below:

  • C Major Diatonic Set (2850) - includes 8 notes/tubes: C' to C" (range: C4 - C5), allowing for more songs to be played. Tubes range in length from 11" to 24".
  • C Major Pentatonic Set (2848) - includes 6 notes/tubes: C'-D'-E'-G'-A'-C" (range: C4 - C5). Tubes range in length from 11" to 24".
  • Chromatic Set (2851) - Sharps/flats. includes 5 notes/tubes. Chromatic Set consists of the 5 sharps/flats of a standard octave. It forms a different pentatonic scale, which has its own pleasing sound and combines with the Diatonic Set to form a full chromatic octave of 12 notes (range: C4# - A4#). Tubes range in length from 13" to 23".
  • Treble Extension Set (2858) - includes 7 notes/tubes. This 7-tube set starts where the C Major Diatonic Set leaves off and contains high C#", D", D#", E", F", F#" & G" (range: C5# - F5#). Tubes range in length from 7" to 11".

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  • C Major Bass Diatonic Set (4192) - includes 7 notes/tubes (notes: C-B). The bass tubes add a whole new dimension to the sound and musical possibilities and combine with the standard Diatonic Set to form two full diatonic octaves. Tubes range in length from 26" to 4'.  (range: C3 - B3)
  • Bass Chromatic Set (4194) - includes 5 notes/tubes (5 sharps/flats for the bass octave). This sets combines with the Bass Diatonic Set to yield a lower chromatic scale, or combines nicely with the Chromatics Set for an extended range of notes. Tubes range in length from 27" to 47". (range: C3# - A3#)
  • 2-Octave Diatonic Set (4739) - with C Major Diatonic (8 notes/tubes: C' to C") and Bass Diatonic (7 notes: C-B) Includes 15 notes/tubes and range in length from 11" to 4'. These sets together create two octaves, so let the music begin! Or create an ostinato with the bass notes to play with a melody of the upper pitches. (range: C3 - C5)
  • Complete Upper & Lower Octave Sets (99333) - includes 4 Boomwhacker Sets (25 tubes): Chromatic - (sharps/flats) - 5 tubes, Diatonic - C Major Scale - 8 tubes, Bass Chromatic - 5 tubes, and Bass Diatonic - 7 tubes C-B. Tubes are 12" to 50" long. (range: C3 -  C5)
  • Super Set (9858) - has it all! This set includes includes 5 Boomwhacker Sets (32 tubes) plus 2 Mallets and Set of 8 Octivator Caps, to fit on tubes to lower the pitch one octave. Tubes include: Chromatic - (sharps/flats) - 5 tubes, Diatonic - C Major Scale - 8 tubes, Treble Extension - 7 tubes, Bass Chromatic - 5 tubes, and Bass Diatonic - 7 tubes C-B. (range: C3 -  G5)

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