Chroma-Notes HAND CHIMES



Easy to play hand chimes, in Chroma-Notes colors. Resonant, with beautiful overtones, this economical set is durable, lightweight, and portable, with a carrying case, unless noted below.

Color-coded to use with Boomwhackers and Music-Go-Rounds: AlphaDots Set 2 (28030), hand chimes are solidly constructed and have easy-grip handles with pitch names and scales numbers on them. 

Matches Chroma-Notes/Boomwhackers coordinating instruments.

Choose from these Hand Chime Set options:

  • 8-Note Hand Chimes Set (26040) C major scale (range: C4 - C5)
  • Pentatonic Hand Chime Set (26141) 9-notes in pentatonic scale (A-C-D-E-G-A'-C'-D'-E') (range: A3 - E5)
  • 5-Note Add-ons (26138) 5 chromatic hand chimes between middle C and high C (range: C4# - A#4)
  • 7-Note Expansion (26139) 7 extra hand chimes. 3 half steps below middle C, and 4 half steps above high C. Carrying case, not included (range: A3 - B3, C5# - E5)
  • 13-Note Hand Chimes Set (26140) C-major scale plus 5 chromatic notes: C-c range: C#, D#, G#, F#, A# (range: C4 - 5)
  • 20-Note Hand Chimes Set (99561) C-chromatic plus low A, B-flat, B and high C#, D, D#, E (range: A3 - E5)
  • Case only (26144) for 20-Note Hand Chimes
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