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All in one: BOOM & RING KIT with Music-Go-Rounds (TM) color-coordinated instruments and activities. All instruments are in C major (range: C4 - C5).

Arrange MGR AlphaDots on a whiteboard to form melodic phrases or familiar tunes, then point, play, and sing.
Stack the dots vertically to create chords, then have color-coordinated Boomwhackers, Chroma-Notes Bells, Glock, or Resonators play harmony while the rest of the class sings the melody.

Arrange the Flashcards in rhythmic patterns and add the dynamics, tempo, and symbols cards to encourage musicality in playing/singing.  (Our 3-in-1 Pocket Chart holds flashcards well.)

Or compose and play your own music!  

What's included:

  • Diatonic Boomwhackers (2850)
    includes 8 notes/tubes: C' to C", allowing for more songs to be played. Tubes range in length from 11" to 24".
  • Chroma-Note Handbells (2918)
    C major scale, 5" metal bells with easy-grip handles with pitch names and scales numbers on them. Set of 8
  • Jumbo Resonator Bells (1086)
    Extra large resonator bells can be handheld, or played on the floor or table in solo or ensemble performances. With carrying case and 8 mallets.
  • Sonor Glockenspiel (1508)
    11-note C Major glock has extra keys for F# and B , to play tunes in G and F Major too. Color-coded song sheet included.
  • MGR AlphaDots Set 2 (28030)
    Matches Boomwhackers and Chroma-Note instruments. 4 ea. of A-G. 3¾". Set of 28 w/PDF Activity Guide, below.
  • Boomwhacker/Handbell Flashcards (1728)
    Cards represent single beats on one side and divided beats on the other, and include pitch names. 89 two-sided Color Flashcards (4" x 5") with Activity Guide.

Additional Info

Download PDF Activity Guide:


  • Highly visible 3¾" silicone disks.
  • Cling to whiteboard, laminate, or any smooth surface.
  • Super durable, non-fading. Soft, flexible, washable food-grade silicone.
  • Clean back with all-purpose cleaner until shiny.
  • Are fun, fast, and interactive in the true sense!
  • Will be your new classroom favorites!
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