SEAGULL M4 "Merlin" DULCIMER & Strap, PDF Songbook, & Stick-Ons

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This useful set includes the "Merlin" Dulcimer, our Color-Coded Songbook of 20 familiar songs download, and Chroma-Note Stick-Ons.

The Merlin is easy for beginners, and a blast for seasoned musicians. This unusual 4-string diatonic instrument plays like a uke and is tuned to one specific key (C,D, E or F), with the high double strings tuned in unison. Its punchy tone and a banjo-ish twang adds a bright, folk voice to a classroom of ukuleles or guitars. Solid mahogany and rock maple, made in Canada. 31" long, 1" thick.

Learn to play the 20 familiar songs on our PDF Color-Coded Songbook by adding the Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons to the frets to match the colors.

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