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by Denise Gagne.

Introduce rhythms, treble staff notes and chords, and perform projectable exercises to teach reading. Then move to sequential experiences that include improv, ostinatos, rhythm compositions, orchestrating chants and poetry, and discovering form, finally creating your own melodies.

What's included:

  • Teach Music Reading with Boomwhackers (22015) 
    Boomwhackers activities & games introduce rhythms, treble staff notes, and chords. Then kids perform projectable exercises and familiar tunes with color-coded notes and embedded sound for tuneful reading experiences! 
    Teacher's Guide, Reproducible Worksheets & Enhanced Audio Download
  • Ccomposing with Boomwhackers (9472)
    Build confidence through sequential experiences: improvisations, ostinatos, rhythm compositions in 1 to 4 parts; orchestrate and dramatize poetry and chants; explore musical forms; and finally create and play your own 3-note, pentatonic and diatonic melodies and songs. Denise adds Orff instruments and recorders too, for timbre and texture, and Perf./Accomp. tracks and student reproducibles to project or print. 
    Paperback & Digital Download

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