Music-Go-Rounds MINI Sets (4), DOUBLE STAFF WALL CHART, & 5 Erasable Markers

Item No: 99253

($114 Value - Save $15)

2-sided write-on wall chart with 2 staves on one side to use with Music-Go-Round MINI Note Names & Numbers and MINI Solfege, and blank on the other side for MGR MINI Hearts/Stick Rhythms and Rhythm n' Counters.

Our MGR MINIs are designed to fit our whiteboard staffs, our Double Staff Wall Chart, and our Wipe-off Charts. There are enough minis in a set so more kids can participate—whether in a class activity or in music centers.  

What's included:

Additional Info


  • Highly visible silicone, cut along guidelines into individual pieces.
  • Cling to whiteboard, laminate, or any smooth surface.
  • Super durable, non-fading. Soft, flexible, washable food-grade silicone.
  • Clean back with all-purpose cleaner until shiny.
  • Are fun, fast, and interactive in the true sense!
  • Will be your new classroom favorites!
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