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John Feierabend’s comprehensive early childhood curriculum, with supplemental recordings and songbooks, encourages singing, movement, and exploration.

These timeless songs, chants, and rhymes have a natural melodic expressiveness and language flow that sensitize children to become “tuneful, beatful, and artful.”

He also offers practical tips on setting up a class, preparing parents, record-keeping and more. 

What's included: 

2-Spiral Paperbacks & 7-CD Set

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Infants & Toddlers Curriculum Contents:

  • Getting Started
  • Setting Up Parent/Child Classes & Preparing Parents
  • Bounces Wiggles Tickles
  • Tapping Clapping
  • Simples Songs
  • Simple Circles
  • Beat Motions With Recordings
  • Lullabies Planning Lessons
  • Sample Lessons Expanding Your Program

Preschool & Beyond Curriculum Contents:

  • Getting Started
  • The Musical Workout
  • Pitch Exploration (Vocal Warm-ups)
  • Song Fragments - Echo Songs and Call-and-Response Songs
  • Simple Songs
  • Arioso
  • Song Tales
  • Movement Exploration (developing expressive sensitivity through creative movement) - creative movement with and without classical music accompaniment
  • Movement for Form and Expression (singing/speaking and moving with formal structure and expression)
    — Non-Locomotor (fingerplays, action songs, circle games, with recorded music)
    — Locomotor (circle games, with recorded music)
    — Beat Motion Activities (developing competencies in maintaining the beat in groups of 2 and 3)
    — Child-Initiated Songs and Rhymes - non-locomotor and locomotor
    — Teacher-Initiated Beat Motions - non-locomotor and locomotor
  • Planning Lessons (templates)
  • Sample Lessons (3 years, two semesters each year, 12 sessions each semester)
  • Final Thoughts
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