FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC for Preschool & Beyond: The Curriculum

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John Feierabend has written an exceptional curriculum for PreK-Grade 1 based on folk and traditional songs and rhymes.  

  • Encourage children to become tuneful, beautiful, artful individuals.
  • Using quality folk and traditional songs and rhymes with natural melodic expressiveness and language flow, these 3 years of lesson plans coordinate with high-quality recordings so parents can continue teaching at home. Echo songs, Call-and-response songs, simple songs, song tales, action songs, circle games, beat motion activities are included along with suggestions for setting up a class, preparing parents and much more.
  • Extra resources are available and listed. A classical music component is available for movement and exploration.

This book includes suggestions on setting up a birth through 36 months—preparing parents, record keeping, and expanding the program, and coordinates fully with the 4 CDs (99058) (sold separately or with this Book (9649)), which parents can use at home, too.

One of the best resources available for early childhood, prepared by an expert in the field.

288 pp. Spiral Bound Paperback

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Curriculum Contents:

  • Getting Started
  • The Musical Workout
  • Pitch Exploration (Vocal Warm-ups)
  • Song Fragments - Echo Songs and Call-and-Response Songs
  • Simple Songs
  • Arioso
  • Song Tales
  • Movement Exploration (developing expressive sensitivity through creative movement) - creative movement with and without classical music accompaniment
  • Movement for Form and Expression (singing/speaking and moving with formal structure and expression)
    — Non-Locomotor (fingerplays, action songs, circle games, with recorded music)
    — Locomotor (circle games, with recorded music)
    — Beat Motion Activities (developing competencies in maintaining the beat in groups of 2 and 3)
    — Child-Initiated Songs and Rhymes - non-locomotor and locomotor
    — Teacher-Initiated Beat Motions - non-locomotor and locomotor
  • Planning Lessons (templates)
  • Sample Lessons (3 years, two semesters each year, 12 sessions each semester)
  • Final Thoughts
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