STOMP BOOM BLAST 1 & 2 Books Set

Item No: 9697

($73 Value - Save $4)

This set includes both of Cathy Blair's STOMP, BOOM, BLAST books,cd and online resources for lots of ideas on ways to make music with everyday 'stuff'.

What's included:

  • Book 1 (9283)
    Teach layering, timbre, dynamics, programmatic ideas, and so much more. A CD of extra effects is included and so are suggestions, as well as the orchestration for each piece. 80 pp.
  • Book 2 (9288)
    Revel in the rollicking tradition of PDQ Bach, Spike Jones, and Weird Al Yankovic with the found sound pieces using rubber bands, wastebaskets, plastic bottles, rocks and other 'normal' percussion! The book includes downloadable resources, reproducible parts plus extra sound effects for some of the tunes. Add some herbs and spices and you've got a new dish! 64 pp.

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