World Music Drumming: NEW ENSEMBLES AND SONGS Book & online access

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New Ensembles and Songs: A Cross-Curricular Supplement by Will Schmid

Through the teamwork approach to learning West African and Caribbean drum ensembles with songs and movement, teachers are able to reach all of the students – even in middle school!

These 20 new ensemble pieces expand the drumming spectrum to include new culture areas and contemporary drumming styles. Kid-tested by Gr. 3-12. 48 pp.
Paperback with online audio access. 

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Audio Listings:

1. Desert Fire
2. On The Mountain
3. Drum Up The Sun
4. Motor mind
5. Harambee
6. Peace Drum Song
7. Rock It!
8. Swing It
9. Sometime, Somewhere Blues
10. Techno - Slow Tempo
11. Techno - Fast Tempo
12. Wau-Wau Wis-IL
13. Interlaken Jam
14. A "Player's Dozen" Jam
15. Recorder Hocket Sampler
16. Sound Shapes Sampler
17. Gourds and Boards Sampler
18. Bell Sampler
19. Bomba Güembé
20. Spirit Drum/Amazing Grace

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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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