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by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson

An Inclusive Approach to Musical Literacy, revised edition.

This text was written to answer two questions about Kodaly philosophy:
1. What do I teach next?
2. How do I keep up with preparation & practice in the same lesson?

It suggests a possible sequence of teaching musical elements for K-6 divided into years, clarifies the terms preparation, presentation, and practice; contains song lists, a glossary, model lesson plans, a song index, and an appendix of rhymes and songs not readily accessible.
440 pp. Spiral Paperback

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Table of Contents:

What Is the Kodály Philosophy of Music Education?

PART I: Lesson Planning
What is Preparation, Presentation and Practice
Helping Children to Sing Tunefully
How to Teach a Song
How to Teach a Game
Tips on Lesson Planning

PART II: Methodology
Kindergarten through Grade 6

PART III: Materials
Song Lists
Yearly Plan

PART IV: Appendixes
Glossary of Terms
Model Lesson Plans
Folk Song Index
Art Music Index
Rhymes and Songs
Art Music Songs

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