WE'RE ORFF! Level 3: Upper Elem. & Junior High Book/USB

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by Tamara O’Brien and Dr Mark Carthew. 

5 brilliant Orff-based units, fully supported by audio-visuals of Tamara and her UK students. Mark Leehy, co-author of the internationally successful Music Room program, has joined the team for the writing the final book in this series.

It is instantly engaging for students and, as well as great movement and instrumental works, brings in such diverse elements as lunch boxes, basketballs and shadow puppets. This is different! It is simply stunning work.

The units are: Bento Box, Waterbird, Bounce, Bells, Seasons

Utilizing speech, rhyme, rhythm, body percussion, movement, tuned and untuned percussion— and lots of exploration and improvisation—these infectious activities all lead to joyful performance.

  • Clearly set out, easy to follow steps - a recipe for success.
  • Activities supported by audio tracks and filmed demonstrations.
  • Little to no set-up time required.
  • Each unit steps the teacher and students through an Orff-based approach to exploring music.

Level 3: Upper Elem. & Junior High Kit includes 

  • Spiral Paperback of lesson plans
  • USB with downloadable Powerpoint of audio-visual materials
    • Audio demos of songs, backings and teaching ideas
    • Video workshop of Tamara teaching students (+ teacher tips)


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