WE'RE ORFF! Level 1 Book/USB

Item No: 7821


Tamara O'Brien and Dr. Mark Carthew bring Orff-based teaching units to life with speech, rhyme, rhythm, body percussion, movement, tuned and untuned percussion ... and lots of exploration and improvisation ... in infectious activities that lead to joyful performance.

Clear, easy-to-follow steps create recipes for success, with little or no set-up time required. Each package includes Book with lessons plans & teaching tips, audio with P/A tracks, and video demo of Tamara teaching students. 

Level 1: Lower Elem. Kit includes 

  • Spiral Paperback of lesson plans
  • USB with downloadable Powerpoint of audio-visual materials
  • Audio demos of songs, backings and teaching ideas
  • Video workshop of Tamara teaching students (+ teacher tips)

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