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Children's Songs and Games from Scotland 
compiled by Susan Brumfield.

Childhood...romps into today with the whole weight of centuries of tradition to carry it forward into tomorrow
-Damian Webb

Hot Peas and Barley-O is a collection of 31 children's songs and games from Scotland, selected, transcribed and annotated by Dr. Susan Brumfield.

Beautifully illustrated with rare photos from the past, along with the fresh faces of children of today, this book is filled with traditional children's music passed down from one generation to another, including rhymes for skipping rope, counting out, and ball-bouncing, singing games and songs just for fun.

Audio tracks contain authentic field recordings collected in the 1940s, '50s and '60s, and new recordings that feature children from the National Youth Choir of Scotland and the New Beacon School for Boys. Hot Peas and Barley-O includes historical references for each song, pedagogical indices and suggestions for developing a literacy-based curriculum. Ideally suited for teaching musical skills, this collection provides a “vocabulary” of music and play from which children can draw today.

Adults and kids of all ages will discover the fun and enjoyment of listening, learning, singing and playing these songs for generations to come. 112 pp.

Paperback & CD

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  • Eetle Ottle Black Bottle
  • Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
  • Granny in the Kitchen
  • Down to the Baker Shop
  • Rosy Apple Lemon and a Pear
  • I'm the Monster of Loch Ness
  • Hot Peas and Barley-O
  • I'm a Bone-Legged Chicken
  • and many more!


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