BEHIND BARS: Percussion Ensembles for Young Musicians Book & CD

Item No: 7151


Percussion Ensembles for Young Musicians by Mari Schay.

11 simple, short pieces for Gr. 2-5 to master quickly, but then they begin to arrange them to create performance pieces. Once they've mastered these, move on To Bach and Beyond (7184). 

Paperback & Performance CD

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Track Listings:

  • Making the Ensembles Work
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • We Have Fun
  • My Friend
  • Up & Down Round: Basic Version
  • I Love the Rhythm
  • Progress
  • Boom-Boom-a-Whack
  • Here Comes the Train Down the Track
  • Wind in the Trees
  • Prowling at Night
  • Bongo
  • Up & Down Round: Advanced Version


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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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