PLANET JAMS Paperback & CD

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by Mark Burrows

Each unit introduces a geographical region, describes its instruments, then has a musical example to both listen and play. Add the instruments and rhythms in layers with the patterns given. Let the kids compare what they hear when they play to what they hear on the CD and figure out how to adjust the sound—both of each instrument and the group—to sound more authentic.  Recordings on the CD feature authentic instruments.

All units are reproducible.  Mark also highlights any potentially challenging or notable aspects of a rhythm and gives suggestions for teaching it successfully. For Gr. 2-6. Paperback & CD.

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Track Listings:

1. Introduction
2. Brazil (Samba)
3. Cuba (Salsa)
4-6. Spain (Palmas)
7. Sapin ("Mi Burro")
8-9. West Africa (Polyrhythm)
10. West African Jam
11. West Africa Rhythmic Speech
12. Ayoub Jam
13. Malfouf
14. Beledi
15. Ayoub
16. Kherwa
17. Sara
18. Dadra
19. Roopak
20. Jhaptal
21. Chaptal Ki Sawari
22. Japan (Kumi Daiko)
23. Native American Drumming
24. Samoa (Fa'ataupati)
25. Planet Jam
26. Samba
27. Salsa
28. Polyrhythm - Complex
29. West African Jam
30. Ayoub Jam
31. Kumi-Daiko

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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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