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Progressive, Fun-to-Play Warm-ups for Young Recorder Players by Artie Almeida, arr. by Paul Jennings.

Listen and echo a single pitch pattern, then a 2-pitch pattern, etc. to develop "excellent ears". Try these easy echo sequences with or without the CD accompaniment and notation sequence to help kids coordinate listening, fingering, tuning, and musicianship.

Includes 9 separate warm-up sequences. The first six warm-ups, "Excellent Ears," are easier and moderately short. These six echoes are based on the notes B, A, G, BA, AG, and BAG. The last three warm-ups, "Easy Echoes," are longer, and spiral progressively. They feature the notes, respectively, BAG, BAGC'D', and low D low EBAG. Since these sets are more complex, three recordings are provided for each, at 84 bpm, 92 bpm, and 100 bpm.

The notation for each Warm-Up Sequence can be:

  • Displayed via a computer/projector
  • Made into a poster for display
  • Copied onto an overhead transparency
  • Or simply played or spoken for the children to echo by rote

In addition to the printed and downloadable versions of these warm-ups, we give you Artie's extensive notes on each sequence and options for ways to use and adapt them for your classes.

Paperback & CD

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