These sound chimes, often used in meditation and healing, also work wonders in a classroom to help focus attention and to orchestrate a shift into stillness, silence, and an active listening mode. 

The resonating sound not only calms, centers, and refocuses the individual, but can also focus a group. As such, it’s an effective way to start or transition a class. 

Made from Cherry finish ash wood with silver polished aluminim solid rods and comes with a mallet. Single and Trio Zenergy Chimes include a keyhole slot on the back so it can be installed upright on a door or wall. The mallet handle slips in between the chime and the wood for safekeeping. 

Choose from these options:

  • SINGLE (3635) - 1 rod. 7".
  • TRIO (3638) - 3 rods. 7¾" x 3½".
  • QUINTET (3631) - 5 rods. 8½" x 5".
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