Item No: SBAND


Through structured and improvisational movement, children develop coordination, team and listening skills as they explore the dynamics of balance, tension and release, expansion and contraction, proximity and distance and more! And the musical possibilities are limitless! Rhythm "waves", crescendo/ decrescendo, changing tempos, patterns, and shapes to reflect musical forms, concepts, etc.

Made of heavy-duty tubing, colorfully covered with fabric and include a hook and loop closure. Machine washable and includes drawstring storage bag. See video below for suggested activities and games.

Choose from these options:

  • Small (4553) 6' (for 2-5 people or 6 kids)
  • Medium (4552) 12' (for 5-8 people or 10 kids)
  • Large (4551) 18' (for 8-11 people or 22 kids)
  • X-Large (4550) 24' (11-14 people or 28 kids)


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