BROADWAY JR Pirates of Penzance



Set sail with this classic comedy that boasts one of the most famous patter songs in musical theatre history. The wit and whimsy of Gilbert and Sullivan's classic score is suffused with a modern sensibility in The Pirates of Penzance JR, a swashbuckling musical journey!

Set on the rocky coast of Cornwall, England, the show begins with a group of pirates who are celebrating the birthday of one of their own, Frederic, who has reached his 21st year. Finally having served the full length of his required time with the pirates, he decides to strike off on his own and become an upstanding citizen - which may even mean bringing the pirates to justice. Thus turns out to be a tricky prospect indeed, especially when Frederic's freedom is called into question!

The Pirates of Penzance JR is a light, comic introduction to the work of Gilbert and Sullivan, featuring opportunities for singing as an ensemble or in small groups, with vocal parts written in unison or simple two-part harmony.

Choose from these options:

  • Audio Sampler (21345) allows you to preview the show before purchasing the show kit. It contains a copy of the Student Libretto (script & music) and an audio CD with all of the recorded vocal music.
  • 60-min. Showkit (21344) includes:
    30 Actor's Books
    30 Family Matters
    1 Choreography DVD
    1 Director's Guide
    1 Media Disk
    2 Performance Accompaniment CD
    1 Piano Vocal Score

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  • Pour, o Pour the Pirate Sherry
  • When Fred'ric Was a Little Lad
  • Oh, Better Far to Live and Die
  • Oh, False One, You Have Deceived Me
  • Climbing Over Rocky Mountain
  • Stop! Ladies, Pray!
  • Oh, Is There Not One Maiden
  • Poor Wand'ring One
  • Stay, We Must Not Lose Our Sense

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