Kidsplay Combination Bell Sets are perfectly tuned and combine the features of both handbells and deskbells. The special casing allows the bells to be rung by hand, or played on a flat surface by pushng the button on top. When played like deskbells, any "double ringing" effect is avoided, and one player can play complete melodies as a solo.

The button option for playing makes these a good choice for players of limited mobility. Bells have pitch names and scale numbers on top of easy-grip handles. Matches Kidsplay coordinating instruments.

Choose from these options:

Choose from Bell Sets below, with or without handy zippered nylon case with padded compartments to keep the bells protected. Cases also available separately. 


C major scale (range: C4 - C5)

  • 8-Note Combination Bells Set (2940)
  • 8-Note Combination Bells Set with Case (3026)
  • Case only (2939) for 8-Note Combination Bells
  • 5-Note Add-ons (2942) 5 chromatic bells between middle C and high C (range: C4# - A4#)
  • 7-Note Expansion (2943) 7 extra bells. 3 half steps below middle C, and 4 half steps above high C (range: A3-B3, C5# - E5)

C-major scale plus 5 chromatic notes:
C-c range: C#, D#, G#, F#, A# (range: C4 - C5)

  • 13-Note Combination Bells Set (9865)
  • 13-Note Combination Bells Set with Case (3040)
  • Case only (2968) for 13-Note Combination Bells

C-chromatic plus low A, B-flat, B and high C#, D, D#, E (range: A3 - E5)

  • 20-Note Combination Bells Set (2944)
  • 20-Note Combination Bells Set with Case (3027)
  • Case only (2985) for 20-Note Combination Bells
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