Steel drums, developed in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1930's, are hugely popular with kids today. As both a melodic and harmonic instrument, the steel drum steals the spotlight in solos and adds vibrancy to percussion ensembles. Our authentic easy-to-play 8-note drum in G Major has 2 mallets and a collapsible, height-adjustable floor stand or table top style.

The joyous island sounds and calypso beat are infectious so jump on the Jumbie Jam bandwagon and you're on your way to forming a steel pan band! 

The Jumbie Jam is smaller than a full size steel drum with only 8 notes (which are labeled) as opposed to a 32 note, full size steel drum.

Choose from these options:

Single authentic steel drum, tuned in G: 2 mallets, height adjustable, collapsible floor stand or non-adjustable table stop stand, Beginner’s Guide & Song Book download, and Play-Along audio track MP3s.

  • Blue Table Top (26095)
  • Blue Floor Stand with Fun Feet (2249) 
  • Silver Floor Stand (2250)

Case Pack includes 4 authentic steel drums, 4 sets of mallets, 4 height-adjustable, collapsible floor stands or non-adjustable table top stands, and Beginner’s Guide & Song Book download, and Play-Along audio track MP3s. Box is reusable, portable and great for storing the Jumbie Jams.

  • Blue Table Top (26096) Case Pack/4
  • Blue Floor Stand with Fun Feet (26009) Case Pack/4
  • Silver Floor Stand (26008) Case Pack/4




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