Boomwhackers on Steroids: Plastik Musik

If you thought boomwhackers were just for kids, think again.
Better still, listen to the percussion group Plastik Musik in their astounding Boomwhacker performance:

The first time I met Craig Ramsell, creator of the Boomwhackers, was  in Phoenix, Arizona, about 15 years ago at a music education conference.  At the time, I knew his newly created pitched plastic tubes called Boomwhackers would be destined for a big role in music classrooms. In fact, it took the music education world by storm, and there is scarcely a music classroom anywhere today in the USA without a set of Boomwhackers.  A whole new wave of Boomwhackers educational materials soon flooded the market, including books, games, musicals, and CDs, boosting the popularity of these colorful pitched instrument tubes.

BOOMWHACKERS Diatonic C Major Scale - 8 tubes

  The Boomwhackers boom was further inspired by the popularity of the off-Broadway percussion sensation called STOMP (who used rubber tubes in one of their famous routines).  Like STOMP, which is still going strong in New York and on worldwide tours, the Boomwhackers craze continues to invade the planet.


But if you are one of the few people on earth without a set of Boomwhackers, mention the PromoCode “Boom” when you order any set of Boomwhackers and/or related Boomwhacker materials at for a 15% discount (offer good through July 15).  Don’t miss Music in Motion’s Boomwhacker Flashcards: For Movement, Singing, Ear Training, and Pre-Reading Games, which I created for building musicianship, movement, and reading skills.


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