Sydney Opera House: An Endangered Species

800px-sydney_opera_house_sailsk Will the Sydney Opera House survive? Many say no, because its deficiencies as a functioning opera house are legendary. But its groundbreaking architecture has made it a landmark on the Sydney landscape and a universal icon for the arts since post World War II. The beauty and originality of Danish architect Jorn Utzon’s design and architecture and its iconic role as Australia’s most famous building make me weigh in on the side of preserving it.  Perhaps a newer, more functional opera house will eventually be necessary and will be viable when the economy resurges, but surely the Sydney Opera House, badly in need of refurbishing, should be preserved as a multipurpose art venue. Let’s hope our friends “down under” find the funds and the backbone to preserve and repurpose this marvelous piece of artistic and architectural history for future generations.  So, add “Save the Sydney Opera House” to your environmental causes.

Read this BBC article by Nick Bryant on the pros and cons, so you can decide for yourself if you feel the Grand Old Lady of the Sydney skyline deserves to live or die.

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