BROADWAY JR Beauty and the Beast



Based on the acclaimed films, Beauty and the Beast JR. tells the story of the bright and beautiful Belle, who yearns to escape her provincial life--and her brutish suitor Gaston. Belle gets more adventure than she wished for when she becomes a captive in the Beast's enchanted castle. Dancing flatware, menacing wolves, and singing furniture fill the stage in this fairy tale about two very different people finding strength in one another and learning how to love.

60-min. shows for middle school/jr. high.

Choose from these options:

  • Audio Sampler (3326) allows you to preview the show before purchasing the show kit. Contains a student script, licensing information, and an audio CD with all of the recorded music.
  • ShowKit (4644) include:
    30 Student Books
    2 Rehearsal/Accompaniment CDs
    Piano/Vocal Score
    Director's Guide
    Choreographic DVD
    30 Family Guides
    Contract for 1-year Performance Rights

Additional Info


  • Prologue
  • Belle
  • Maurice's Entrance
  • Into the Forest
  • Stranger in the House
  • Maurice and the Beast
  • Belle (Reprise)
  • You Follow Me!
  • Home
  • Home (Tag)
  • Gaston
  • Gaston (Reprise)
  • Be Our Guest
  • Something There
  • Human Again
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Mob Song
  • The Battle
  • Fight in the West Wing
  • Home (Reprise)
  • Transformation
  • Finale
  • Bows

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