JUST LIKE THE MOON Interactive eBook & Teaching Guide

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by Kate Bright

Just Like the Moon is an exploration of the moon and how we all can see ourselves reflected in the different phases. We can’t always shine our brightest. Sometimes we are shy, indecisive, or just not perfect – and that’s okay.

The book encourages everyone to reflect on themselves and understand that we will not always be perfect. The book has a re-pentatonic melody accompanied by ostinati that all fit together on the final page. Can be read in one class period or turned into a unit where students learn the ostinati and create movement to accompany the story.

What's included:

  • Interactive eBook - web-based interactive flipbook includes three versions of the book: with spoken text only, with text and musical accompaniment, or with text, music, and vocal accompaniment. Each download contains access to a web-based interactive flipbook and a PDF version of the book. Through clickable elements, engaging illustrations, and an original song.
  • Teaching Guide - This guide will walk a teacher through how to utilize Just Like the Moon in a general music classroom setting. From a one-class lesson plan to a multi-day unit, this guide has information on how to add movement, teach the melodies, and teach the ostinati. Extensions – like rhythmic composition, poetry writing, and integrating technology – are also included. The graphics pack consists of all resources mentioned in the guide, including 6/8 rhythms, solfege ladders, movement cards, recorder fingering charts, xylophone visuals, and printable worksheets.

Additional Info

Teaching Guide includes:

  • Lesson plan ideas for elementary school students
  • Lesson extensions, including technology integration and cross-curricular connections
  • Graphics pack
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