The VIETNAMESE CHILDEN'S SONGBOOK Interactive eBook & Teacher's Guide

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Songs and Cultural Treasures by Tina A. Huỳnh and illustrated by Jessica Đinh

This collection of nine songs and Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival activities are for children aged 3-10 years. Illustrated songbook includes cultural background information, supplemental Vietnamese language guidance, and music recordings of each song. The songs and activities are sure to inspire teachers, parents, and children to begin a musical journey together.

This book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of children’s songs. Each song includes musical notation, Vietnamese lyrics, an English translation, and is set within a colorful illustration which evokes the playfulness of childhood. A pronunciation guide for the Vietnamese language is included. Clickable buttons for each song help the reader 1) hear a professionally recorded version of the song, 2) watch a native Vietnamese speaker pronounce the lyrics, and 3) hear and practice speaking the lyrics phrase by phrase.

Flipbook comes with an interactive version with rich media that can be accessed via the web on any device. It also comes with a PDF version of the flipbook that can be read offline.

The Teacher’s Guide will help give cultural context to each song as well as offer musical content to focus on when teaching each song. Refer to the accompanying resource website for more information. A full playlist of the songs is available on streaming platforms.

e-book includes:

  • Full-color illustrations and sheet music of children’s songs, games and activities
  • Audio recordings of all songs, speaking practice tracks of lyrics, and tracks with conversational Vietnamese phrases
  • Videos for visual and aural guidance on pronouncing Vietnamese lyrics
  • Cultural information and activities about the child-centered Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival:
    • Mooncakes
    • How to make a lantern
    • Chi Chi Chành Chành, a traditional children’s game
  • Map of Vietnam
  • Pronunciation Guide including an explanation on tonal accents and the International Phonetic Alphabet
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