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Color helps kids learn and remember the names of the notes on the staff (red for lines, and blue for spaces), and correlate them to the keyboard. Moreover, as kids manipulate these tactile red and blue notes on the staff and keyboard, they also discover visual patterns and spatial relationships: skips/steps, intervals, chords, and scales. Tactile color patterns heighten awareness and understanding of fundamentals, which stick in the memory just as Music-Go-Rounds Minis stick to the charts!

What's included:

  • MGR MINI Note Names & Numbers (28116)
    Silicone manipulatives: 4 sets each of red & blue letters C to C, red for lines and blue for spaces, plus 4 sets of numbers 1-8. Cut silicone strips along guidelines into 96 individual pieces, 1¼". With PDF Activity Guide by Mary Ann Stewart, download below. 
  • Double Staff Wall Chart (28129) to put them on. Teach only the treble clef or create a grand staff and teach both clefs.

Additional Info

Download PDF Activity Guide:


  • Highly visible silicone, cut along guidelines into individual pieces.
  • Cling to whiteboard, laminate, or any smooth surface.
  • Super durable, non-fading. Soft, flexible, washable food-grade silicone.
  • Clean back with all-purpose cleaner until shiny.
  • Are fun, fast, and interactive in the true sense!
  • Will be your new classroom favorites!
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