SINGING GAMES CHILDREN LOVE Vol. 4 Book/CD + Digital Download

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by Denise Gagne.

The latest volume in this popular series of children's singing games and activities for Gr. 3-6.

Enjoy traditional singing games from North America and from around the world, as well as original ones for special days, movement canons, and active rhythm games.

Organized by melodic concept, this fun and practical collection has a handy index and includes a PowerPoint with all the songs ready to project on Smartboard or screen.
Paperback/CD + Digital Download

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Singing Games
1. Categories
2. Jolly Jolly Rhythm
3. Our Old Sow
4. Find the Basket
5. Pass the Pumpkin
6. Wallflowers
7. Billy Billy
8. Stella Ella Olla
9. Charlie the Monkeyman
10. Alabama Gal
11. Ma Ku Ay
12. Built My Lady
13. Biddy Biddy
14. Let’s Catch a Rooster
15. Toc, Toc, Toc
16. Cheki Morena
17. Four White Horses
18. J’entends le moulin
19. Loo La
20. Charley Marley
21. Chumbara
22. Old Maid
23. Waddaly Acha
24. I Let Her Go
25. Ball Gone Round
26. Dollar
27. Hanky Panky
28. Arupusu
29. Mi Gallo
30. Old Joe Clark

Movement Canons
31. Hineh Ma Tov
32. Clocks and Watches
33. Round and Round
35. Music Alone Shall Live

Rhythm Games
36. Hula Hoop Rhythm Game
37. Rhythm Race
38. Rhythm Fishpond
39. Rhythm Gossip
40. Musical Password
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