Item No: 9227


Can You Move Like This? created by John Feierabend and Jane Kahan.

Children often spontaneously dance around the living room or run from place to place. The activities in this book bring out these strong movement impulses in children, as well as gentler ones. While burning off a little energy, children will develop a movement vocabulary as they develop motor skills and enhance their creativity. 

Move with music or without, solo or in a group, quickly or slowly to express feelings, ideas, story, music concepts, body language and control, and much more.

This absolutely delightful, useful, and quality book provides a great variety of music, movement, and language experiences for children. John has spent decades compiling the best of tunes, rhymes, and stories that encourage imagination and participation, and form the basis for future learning.

Can coordinate with First Steps in Music series or be used independently.

72 pg. Paperback

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