Item No: 9173


Winner of the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award!

From Early Childhood Song Collections. John M. Feierabend, well-known early childhood expert, gathers and preserves the aural traditions so important to family and community.

Wiggles and tickles have inspired wonder and laughter in infants and toddlers for generations, strengthening the bonds between children and the loved ones in their lives. This special book, for the first time, collects the most cherished of these songs and rhymes (some in danger of being lost or forgotten), enabling your family to carry on the tradition of nurturing imagination and joy through wiggles and tickles.

No fireworks, no crazy arrangements, just adult and child connecting with generations-old rhymes and music. These are filled with educational play and build musical sensibilities subconsciously with wonder, joy, and laughter.

Great to use with First Steps for Infants and Toddlers (6062).

48 pp. Paperback

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