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A Wild and Wacky way to Learn about the Instruments!
by Sally Albrecht, Charles Grace, and Mitch Wyatt.

Color a tiger on a trombone and a hippo on a harp, a fly on the flute, the starfish singers and 26 more animals playing instruments. Read about each of them from the information sheet, and listen to sound samples demonstrating the way each instrument sounds.

Print pdf files of each page or reproduce the book. 29 drawings and information sheets, plus 60 sound samples. Gr. K-4.
Paperback with Online Access

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Track Listings:

1. The Erie Canal
2. Remember My Song
3. Sakura
4. The Minstrel Boy
5. American Princess
6. Celebrate The Seasons
7. The Great Gate of Kiev
8. Haba na Haba
9. The Double Stomp Romp
10. Harp Sounds
11. The Road Home
12. Sally Goodin (Feat Kenny Blackwell)
13. Sally Goodin (Feat Dennis Caplinger)
14. Trumpet Time
15. Sound the Trumpet!
16. Theme from Swan Lake
17. Slide that Trombone
18. Come Hear the Band!
19. Tuba Tune
20. Ye Shall Have a Song
21. Fond of Flute
22. Alleluia Canon
23. Practicing the Piccolo
24. Hey, Ho! Nobody's Home
25. Classy Clarinet
26. Oboe Sounds
27. Why Does the Willow Tree Weep?
28. Camptown Races
29. One for the Alto
30. Tenor Jazz
31. Baritone Bounce
32. Jazz Cantate
33. Hot Chocolate!
34. I Love a Piano
35. Snare Drum Riffs
36. On the Tom-Tom
37. Kettledrum Fanfare
38. Festival Exsultate
39. Bangin' on Bongos
40. Crazy Congas
41. !Cantar!
42. Crash!
43. Suspense!
44. Going, Going, Gong!
45. Mad About Maracas
46. Toucan Tango
47. Classic Tambourine
48. Rockin' Tambourine
49. Accordion According to Tim
50. Lo Yissa Goy
51. Sailor's Chantey
52. Stodola Pumpa
53. Surprise Symphony
54. Serenade by Mozart
55. Anne, the Awesome Soprano
56. Janice, the Joyous Alto
57. Stephen, the Stupendous Tenor
58. Tom, the Terrific Bass
59. Sing Alleluia, Clap Your Hands
60. A Patriotic Salute

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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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