NUMBER BOP! Paperback & CD

Item No: 7572


Easy Math and Movement for Young Learners by John Jacobson.

Learn coin values, sing about time, count by 10's and 5's, sing comparatives in It All Adds Up, and discover A Fraction is a Part of a Whole with catchy tunes and movements. Creative extension activities and projectable/printable PDF song and lyric sheets on the P/A CD add fun and reinforcement to math learning for K-2.

Paperback & Enhanced CD

Additional Info

Songs include:

  • NumberBOP
  • Let's Count by Tens
  • Counting to Fifty
  • Doin' Time
  • A Penny in My Pocket
  • Marty Monkey
  • A Fraction Is a Part of a Whole
  • It All Adds Up
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