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18 Grooves for Percussion with suggested Melodies for Recorder by Mark Shelton.

Good grooves groove, and these simply do. Rock, swing, march, waltz, ballad, cajun 2-beat, celtic jig, polka, shuffle, zydeco, salsa and more, 18 in all. Turn your classroom into a well-oiled and fun-filled music-making machine!

Percussionist and educator Mark Shelton has broken down and reconfigured basic drum set patterns into grooves for classroom instruments. Each piece has a simple recorder melody, a mix of percussion to fit the style, and helps catch the feeling. Once you get the groove, improvise over it with pitched or non-pitched instruments, or mix styles. Try playing a classical melody over a zydeco groove, or a folk tune over a rock beat.

Reproducible student parts & activities. Gr. 3–6
Paperback & Online Media Access

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  • Rock (Basic)
  • Swing (Basic)
  • March 2/4 or Cut Time
  • Waltz
  • Funky Quarter
  • Cajun Two-Beat
  • Conga Swing
  • March 6/8
  • Ballad
  • Celtic Jig
  • Four on the Floor Rock
  • Half Time
  • Polka
  • Shuffle
  • Sixteenth Rock
  • Zydeco Two-Beat
  • A Few Words About Clave
  • Salsa 3-2
  • Salsa 2-3

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