MALLET MADNESS INTERACTIVE 1 & 2: Promethean Edition

Item No: 7450

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by Artie Almeida.

These exciting collections for mallet percussion and drums will energize your classroom!

Introduce songs, poems, music-and-literature connections, with reproducible flashcards and activities to explore beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressiveness. Thanks to a clever and flexible rotation system, all of the students get to play all the instruments.

A highly popular resource! 

What's included:

Fully interactive with both Promethean and PowerPoint versions on CD-ROM.

Additional Info

Please Note:

This is a companion product for Mallet Madness for K-6 (7440) and Mallet Madness Strikes Again (7441). You will need both print editions to use Mallet Madness Interactive.

Download PDF Sample Slides:

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