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Lessons, Songs, and Activities for the Elementary Classroom by Jennifer Kamradt.

Appealing, easy-to-use new songs and lessons incorporate improvisation, movement and props. Use scarves, a swirly hoop, bowls, spoons, streamers and more. Complete, delightful lessons with a step-by-step process make the pieces accessible for everyone and give students the chance to explore music through the Orff process. 

Simple improvisational tools and extensions plus specific instructions make this a boon for beginning teachers, too. Online acces includes projections for the whiteboard for greater interaction in the classroom. This exciting collection of original songs and arrangements with reproducible pages is written in a student-friendly manner that will have your students successfully performing in no time!

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  • Notes for this Book
  • Instrumentation Key
  • A Brighter Place
  • Blowing in the Wind
  • Your Crown
  • Oh, No!
  • Baker's Song
  • Swirly Hoop Song
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Community
  • Dragon Song
  • Dragon Speech Chant
  • Dragon Dance
  • Building Guy

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