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For Interactive Listening and Reading Fun
by Cristi Cary Miller.

Reinforce reading, listening and music skills through these 18 reproducible "sound stories". Special words in each story are attached to sounds and patterns that can be played on a variety of found sound and classroom instruments, either as suggested or what is available.

Gr. 2-5 listen and respond with their pattern either before or after the word is said, or in place of it. Eventually, one of them could read the story, pausing at the appropriate moments--a challenge in itself!

This collection includes American & other cultural folktales, seasonal stories, as well as original ones. Teaching suggestions and National Standards guides are included.

Match this with our Music in Commotion Kit (99003) of special effects instruments, dramatize the story and put on a performance!

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  • Willy the Worm
  • An Appleseed a Day (Johnny Appleseed)
  • Won by a Hare (Creek-Muscogee Tale)
  • Ananse and the Sticky Glue (West African Tale)
  • A Night to Remember
  • Wail 'Til Emmet Comes (American
  • Winter Days are Here
  • Baboushka (Russian Tale)
  • St. Nicholas Leaves a Gift
  • The Pearl Treasure (Chinese Tale)
  • Proud to Live in America
  • Cannonball Casey (Casey Jones)
  • Lucky, The Leprechaun
  • Three Billy Goats Gruff (Norwegian Tale)
  • A Pouch for Mama Possum (Louisiana Tale)
  • The Mule That Got Away (Kansas Tale)
  • The Tulip Bablies (English Tale)
  • Summer Fun


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