FUN WITH COMPOSERS: Vol. 2 - Pre K-Gr. 3 Paperback & PDF Download/Online Video Access

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by Deborah Lyn Ziolkoski

Fun with Composers launches Volume II for PreK-Gr. 3 with more classical wonders like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky that will entice children to sing, dance, act and play to this mini musical creation! Charming storybook characters like Hatching Chicks, Mischievous Bananas and Russian Inspectors captivate children's imagination through this unique union of story and song! Designed with any level of student to be taught by any teacher with an outcome like no other, Fun with Composers is a simple, fun approach to classical music.

The Teacher's Guide includes over 27 Orff-based lesson plans and audio/visual files guarantee success, demonstrating the teaching process and final outcomes of each selection in a real classroom setting!  Digital audio files include fun-filled lyrics as well as an authentic orchestral recording of each selection. Digital video files features key teaching strategies and the final performance of each selection. Movement choreography, Orff orchestrations, rhythmic play, listening questions, art activities and cross-curricular integration all while creatively weaving in concepts corresponding to the National Standards. The unique Music Maps provide a child-centered visual that present music in an organized format so children have a better understanding of its sequence.

With the purchase of a hard copy, teachers may register for full digital access to the Teacher Guide and audio/video files.

Paperback & PDF Download/Online Video Access

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