FROG AND THE MOUSE Hardback & mp3 download

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Adapted by John Feierabend and illustrated by Kimerlee Lynne.

This picture book is one in a series based on beloved children’s folksongs, part of John’s lifelong goal to identify and preserve the best music of our heritage for future generations.

Uncle Rat gives his consent to the wedding of Mistress Mouse and Frog with a harum scarum diddle dum darum, Whipsee diddle dee dandy O! in John's version of this favorite song tale that's been popular since the 1500's.

Echo the leader, finish the phrases, make up verses, sing the refrain, remember the sequence while participating in these song tales.

Includes a description of the history of the song, the notation of the song, and a link to a free MP3 download of the song (see below).


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